Unwanted calls, including robocalls and telemarketing calls, are consistently a top consumer complaint the FCC receives each year. The Commission is committed to protecting consumers from unwanted calls and giving them more control over the calls and texts they receive.  The Commission has tackled robocalls on as many fronts as possible, whether by implementing new rules, ruling on questions raised about the law, taking enforcement action, keeping consumers informed, encouraging new pro-consumer innovation or urging the private sector to step up and stop this scourge.  To arm consumers with information they can use to block or filter unwanted calls, below are resources to help consumers of wireless, traditional landline, and VoIP voice services to stop annoying robocalls.

The descriptions and links below are provided for informational purposes only. The FCC does not endorse any non-FCC product or service, and is not responsible for the content of non-FCC websites, including their accuracy, completeness or timeliness. See our consumer guides for more information about unwanted calls.



Hints for dealing with robocalls have been collected for fixed and mobile (cellular) services.

  • AT&T   Call Protect helps eligible customers manage unwanted calls with automatic fraud blocking and spam warnings in HD voice coverage areas.
  • AT&T   Here are ways we can all prevent, stop, and protect one another from fraud.
  • CTIA   Blocking robocalls resources page.
  • CTIA   Step-by-step instructions on how to block individual numbers based on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows operating systems; and list of third party apps to block unwanted calls.
  • Google Play   Update for phone app for Android Marshmallow device.
  • Google Project Fi   Call blocking help page for Project Fi wireless service.
  • T-Mobile   Name ID app for identifying and blocking dangerous calls and texts.
  • U.S. Cellular   Consumer information and tips for stopping robocalls.
  • US Telecom   Trade association's consumer education, tools and resources for stopping robocalls.
  • Verizon   Customer support page for stopping robocalls (includes wireline resources).


  • AT&T   Nomorobo is a free, third-party service that helps put an end to pre-recorded, automated telemarketing calls.
  • CenturyLink   Customer tips and links to block unwanted calls from home.
  • Charter   Nomorobo: Block Telemarketers and Robo-Callers.
  • Charter (Brighthouse)   Can I block calls from specific numbers on my Home Phone?
  • Charter (TimeWarner)   Get detailed instructions for managing your Phone features.
  • Comcast   XFINITY customer support on how to set up blocking service for unsolicited robocalls to home.
  • Comcast   Customer support: call types that can be blocked with XFINITY Voice.
  • Cox   Customer support video and instructions for managing calls using digital telephone service.
  • Frontier Communications   Consumer guides on call block and priority calling features.
  • NCTA   The Internet & TV Association's consumer education resources for preventing robocalls.
  • NTCA   The Rural Broadband Association's robocall resources for consumers.
  • US Telecom   Trade association's consumer education, tools and resources for stopping robocalls.
  • Verizon   Customer support page for stopping robocalls (includes wireless resources).
  • West Telecom Services   Customer tips for blocking calls and suggestions for reporting "nuisance" calls.

Government Resources

Government Resources

Consumer Organizations

Consumer Organizations

Robocall Strike Force Materials

Below are resources and materials relating to the Robocall Strike Force, an industry-led initiative formed in response to a call to action by Chairman Wheeler in July 2016 directing industry to develop an action plan for making available comprehensive solutions to prevent, detect, and filter unwanted robocalls.


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